Harmony House Volunteer

Harmony House volunteers spend approximately 2 hours training to be a supervised visitation volunteer. Our volunteers take an active role in supervising and documenting visits between children and their non-residential family members.

Visits are generally 2 hours in length and our volunteers arrive 15 minutes prior to the visit and stay 15 minutes after the visit to spend time with the children during the transitions. We request a minimum 6-month commitment of our volunteers, supervising visits either weekly or every other week. This volunteer position is very important as the documentation of visits and exchanges may be used in court to determine custody and permanent placement decisions. Please contact Courtney at  courtney@CASALarimer.com for an application to volunteer with the Harmony House program.


For a more in-depth volunteer experience, the Harmony House offers traditional and non-traditional internships for college students or individuals interested in gaining more experience in the field. Interns must be at least 20 years old and working toward a degree in a related field such as Human Development, Social Work, Psychology or Sociology. The internship requires a minimum of 10-15 hours per week for 10-15 weeks. Please contact Courtney at Courtney@CASALarimer.com for more information about internships.